“Rick Stevenson was a trainer and advocate for the successful U.S. Department of Labor Youth Grant for Faith-based Restorative justice and mentor training in collaboration with Pima County, Arizona.  Rick's background in juvenile Corrections gave him the skills to effectively connect with youth struggling in the justice system and to develop/record impactful strategies for faith groups.  Ten faith groups participated in the program.”

Linda Leatherman, Pima County Faith-based and Community Initiatives Coordinator

Tucson, Arizona, November 9, 2018

“As a local pastor and longtime friend of Rick, in my opinion the Mentoring program was extremely successful.  The energy and commitment Rick put into the program has not been replaced.”

Merle H. Gathers

Pastor, Christ Kingdom Fellowship Church

Tucson, Az.

“Rick is an insightful teacher, administrator, counselor and mentor.  He has a unique quality in meshing together biblical principles (integrity) with leadership skills--that equips Leaders for practical ministry--that results in effective Leadership.”

Apostle Warren Anderson Jr.

Senior Pastor

Living Water Ministries, Tucson, Arizona